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Wednesday, 10 June 2009 18:59


Congratulations to Rich C first solo flight at KMUT Sunday June 16.



Thanks to Ken J. we have the following procedure to use each day we tow.


Per coordination between Blackhawk Soaring Club and MLI ATCT on January 22, 2013, tow pilots should use the following procedures to ensure that they comply with CFR 91.309:

Prior to the first glider towing flight of the day, tow pilots please contact Quad-City Approach Control on the MUT Clearance Delivery Frequency 124.25 to advise them that glider towing operations will be in effect at the MUT airport at or below (altitude).  Please insert the appropriate maximum altitude that the glider will likely attain after release (guesstimate).  For example the AWOS calls cloud bases at 6,500 feet agl (equalling approximately 7,000 feet msl), use “at or below 6,500” (500 feet below the msl cloud base).  Not a cloud in the sky?  Just pick an altitude.  If it looks like a poor lift day, use a lower altitude like 5,000.  If it looks like a good lift day, use a higher altitude like 8,000.  I would suggest not using an altitude above 10,000 (upper limit of approach control airspace).  Glider pilots, if you can get above 10,000 over MUT, please tell approach control on 118.2 as you climb so that they can point you out to Chicago Center for traffic advisories.

Phraseology example:  Tow pilot:  “MUT Clearance, glider tow Piper (call sign)”. 

                                      QC Approach:  “Piper (call sign), Quad-City Approach” .

                                      Tow pilot:  “Glider towing at MUT at or below 5,000 starting at this time”.

                                      QC Approach:  “Piper(call sign), Roger”.

That's the only call you need to make to ATC.  It can also be done by telephone (309) 799-7866 (please do not share this number—it is an operational line only, not for the general public) instead of on the frequency, but I would recommend the radio call since it is recorded.  QC Approach will then put a glider advisory on the ATIS at MLI for the rest of the day until sundown.

If the club is ceasing operations well before sundown, please have the courtesy to notify approach control that you are terminating early.

This coordination was deemed necessary because MUT has a Class E surface area and therefore tow pilot notification to ATC is required per 14CFR91.309.  It is very simple to comply with and should help enhance safety in the vicinity of MUT while glider operations are in progress.  Thank you for your cooperation.


2012 Dec

See link to 2013 Banquet

2012 Nov

Krosno annual is done, 1-34 and tow plane are being done now.

Welcome back

Barry R and Bob O, they have soloed again after a few years away from gliders

I added Tim S winch story and photos(under glider tales and photos)

2012 Oct 6

Club cookout was very successful! Good food and beverages. 

Thanks to all who attended.


2012 May 10 Krosno is ready!

Feb 2012 Iowa Glider Banquet  

Jan 2012 Meeting Jan 21  

Sept 2011 - Tim S. first solo at KMUT

April 2011    Club now owns a Schweizer 1-34 single seat glider

Feb meeting everyone had some stick time with Condor Glider Flite Sim and Chili soup 


Wayne Sheetz passed his commercial glider add-on Oct 2010

Charlie J passed his private pilot glider add-on Sept 12!


First solo flights, Alan B, Kent J, Wayne S, Gavin B


We have added more new members, I have been busy flying and not updating web site. If you haven't flown for awhile stop and say HI to our new members!

We have 6 new members, be sure to say HI! and welcome them to the club.


CANCELLED June 20 spot landing/stopping contest and Cookout after flying

June 20 Cookout after flying

Bring something to share and your own grill item.


Congratulations to Simon, passed his private pilot glider checkride.


We will be doing flight training April 26-30 start at noon.

Tow Plane is ready, Glider is ready. April 18

Members will be at the airport Sunday April 18 



3rd Annual Memorial Day Weekend Contest

Event Location:   Hampshire, IL

Dates:   5/29/2010 - 5/31/2010

3rd Annual Memorial Day Weekend Contest at Sky Soaring, Hampshire IL. May 29, 30, 31. Two classes- Beginner's and Advanced tasks. Great introduction to Contest flying. Contact Geoff Weck at cell 815-354-4611 or home 815-344-2920, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Iowa Soaring Banquet


Jan, 2010

Club Meeting Feb 6 10am at KMUT, breakfast at 9am. We will load glider on trailer after meeting.

Potluck at Don G's Feb 13 6pm

SSA Convention Jan 28-30, 2010

We have quotes for Glider and Tow Plane repairs. We will need 5 or 6 people to load glider on trailer. 

Iowa Soaring Banquet/conference March 13. 

Steve E passed the FOI test.

Vince J passed his Civilian Helicopter CFI-I test.



Nov 6, 2009

Guy Russo passed his Private Pilot Glider checkride! 

Congratulations to Guy

We have 4 new members!!  Stop by and say HI!

Last Weekend Events

Aug 23 Great Flying Day

We had 6 gliders in the air!

From Gary Aho; I have not had such an enjoyable flight in a long time last Sunday.  Al and I shared the piloting, which is a real nice way to fly.  Gives a chance to relax and enjoy the view.  We were able to work in an altitude band from 3000 to 4000 feet above ground and spent considerable time north of the Cedar River.  Some cloud streets were present and being 10 miles from the airport was comfortable on such a day.

From Bill Leddy; On Sunday, I stayed up a little over an hour on the last flight. A blue hole formed over the airport (where else could it go?) so I followed a street off to the southeast, then jumped off to a cloud by Grandview. Could've stayed up a little longer, but in the hurry to launch I didn't get to take care of some business beforehand. Was thermalling with Mike and Terry for a little bit. Mike says he got a little video of that.

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